Monday, March 6, 2017

Reblog—Unusual Things I Know About Bookworms

I've always been a bookworm and can identify with many things on this list.  Take number one for example.  My husband always says that I'll read the copy on a cereal box or soup can label if there's nothing else around.  Are you a bookworm, too?  Does Jenny Hansen's list remind you of yourself?   

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Unusual Things I Know About Bookworms

Photo credit: Hunter Emkay ~ WANA Commons

It’s National Reading Month, which is my favorite time of year, since I am a bookworm. We’re a club with specific characteristics and one thing is certain: bookworms find other bookworms. They simply must, so they can find out about more cool books.
Bookworms have been devouring books for as long as they can remember – for story, for new worlds and new ideas. Their To Be Read piles are taller than a small child. Their favorite authors and characters become friends.
If you are a bookworm, there are things that I know about you that I don’t know about the other readers I meet:
1. I know you read odd things in odd places.If you are stuck somewhere without a book, you will begin reading any words available – shampoo bottles, food labels, billboard signs. Whatever. Books and magazines are preferred, but in a pinch, any words will smooth your soul.
2. You read by flashlight in bed at night when you were a child.When your person-in-charge confiscated it, you waited 5 minutes before pulling the back-up light from its crafty hidey-hole. If they were on to you and confiscated the back-up, you tilted the pages to try to read by the light from the hall.
3. When a book touches you, it is a safe bet that you will not only remember the details of that story, characters, etc…you will also remember where you were the first time you read it and what you were doing that day.
4. I am certain that if you named 10 best friends from the various periods of your life (and were being honest), at least half of them would be book characters or the authors who wrote them.
5. You have different books for different moods.These are your go-to books when you’re in the grip of overwhelming emotion. You keep reading through that stash of books until the feeling gets a little more manageable.
6. Piles of free books by your most cherished authors gives you that same zing of attraction that you felt the first time you saw your true love.
7. When you meet your favorite author(s), your tongue gets tied in knots and the idea of speaking to them gives you an extreme physical reaction. (I blush, nearly every time.)
8. You have rituals associated with your books.Whether it’s the way you clean them, sort them, store them or lend them, there is something particular you do with your books. And it makes you feel happy and peaceful when you look at your books after you’ve done it.
(For me, it’s the way I order them and which shelf or room they’re in. My husband knows: don’t be moving my books without telling me. It morphs me into the Devil Wife.)
9. On the touchy subject of lending…bookworms are quite particular about loaning their books.I know that when someone borrows a treasured book from you and doesn’t return it – or worse, passes it on to someone else without asking you first – your friendship with them changes.
You’re probably still their friend, but you’ll either “forget” to loan them books in the future or you buy a copy from the used bookstore as a back-up and loan them that. There is an A-List of book-borrowers in your life and you love to have coffee with these people.
10. When a book touches your spirit and transports you to a place you’ve never been, it’s not uncommon for you to read the last page, turn the book over and start at Page 1 because you can’t bear to say goodbye to the characters yet.
There are more things that I know about bookworms and their reading habits but I’d love to hear from all of you. What are your favorite books? Do you have book rituals? (If so, what are they?) Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!
~ Jenny

Photo credit: Hunter Emkay ~ WANA Commons


  1. You have found me out and described me to a T. The only thing you didn't mention was tears. If a book doesn't bring tears to my eyes, it failed to reach me emotionally. Whether the ending is sad or happy, an emotional involvement with the characters will result in tears.

    1. I can relate, but with a satisfying ending, my emotional involvement brings on a sigh and a smile. Books really become part of us. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I left a remark yesterday but it floated away into Neverland, I suppose. Of course I was a book work. Flash light and all. Loved reading at night. Even now I'll read far longer than I intend and often finish 2-3 books a week if I have something really good to read. Lately I've had to make myself finish a book or two. I wasn't thrilled with them but needed to know how they ended.
    So yes, I'm proud to be a book work. It seems i'm in the midst of many.