Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PAIRS ON ICE Kindle Offer

I finally finished revising my preteen novel, Pairs at Nationals, and am exploring paths to publication.  The book is the second in a three-book series about pairs skater Jamie Bartlett. To mark this final step, I’m offering the first book, Pairs on Ice, at a discounted price. From today, May 17, through May 23, you can download the Kindle book for just 99 cents.

Pairs on Ice begins Jamie’s story when she’s a singles skater and her coach suggests she switch to skating pairs with Matt O’Connor.  The back-of-the-book blurb says it best:

Pairs?  With Matt?  Jamie’s eyes widened.  She wasn’t a pairs skater.  And even if she     was, she’d rather eat worms than skate with someone as full of himself as Matt . . . What was her coach thinking?

Jamie’s coach was thinking that Jamie,12, has a better chance of achieving her Olympic dream as a pairs skater than as a single.  So Jamie agrees to skate with Matt, even if she has to grit her teeth every time they practice.  Their skating is smooth and polished, but their constant battles keep them from being truly great.

If Matt weren’t enough to deal with, Jamie’s divorced father tells her he is getting married again.  A new stepmother and six-year-old brother are just what she doesn’t need.

Will her life ever be smooth skating again?

My decision to write about skaters was inspired by my years as a skating mom when my daughter competed. Like Jamie’s stepmother, Linda, I always marveled at skaters who could jump, spin, and glide over the ice.  I hope my readers enjoy reading about Jamie and Matt as much as I enjoy writing about them.

You can find Pairs on Ice on Amazon and  You can also check out my Amazon Author Page at  

Pairs on Ice is written for tweens. But this is an amazing book for readers of all ages! We read Pairs on Ice as a family, and then my students read it as a project. We absolutely loved it! Whether you are a skater, a skating fan, or just looking for an inspiring story about working towards your dreams, this is the book for you!  We can not wait to read more from Elizabeth Vollstadt!
–––Skating coach B-J-Shue Chapman

I really liked Pairs on Ice.  It made me feel like I was in the story! . . . One of the things I liked best abut it was that I could imagine how Jamie was feeling. Also, I like how I almost couldn’t stop turning the pages. 
––-10-year-old reader


  1. Excited to see this new book in print! Lots of hard work between those pages. I know I'm in the middle of James. Busy with company. I have put it on back burner. Back to library tomorrow to work. yay. ugh on Ohio weather. Enjoyed reading this blog about your book. Keep on writing! Hugs, B

  2. Thanks. I so appreciate your support, which began when we first met in Donna's kitchen many years ago.

  3. Liz,
    Love the setting of this novel. Anyone wishing to be an Olympic athlete will enjoy reading about the struggles this pair of skaters face as they prepare for competition.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Melody. When I see Olympic skaters, I always think of the kids I see learning and practicing. Evan Olympic stars started out like them.