Monday, May 30, 2016

Reflections on Memorial Day

We had a Memorial Day program at our clubhouse this morning.  Patriotic songs were sung, as well as the service song from each branch of the military–– Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines.  Men and women from each service stood and were honored when their song was played. 

Most moving to me was a video accompanying the John Williams’ song, “Hymn to the Fallen.” As the haunting music played, the screen showed military cemeteries in Europe and the U.S.––endless rows of crosses––with the number of fallen soldiers buried there written across the bottom.  There seemed no end to the cemeteries, no end to the crosses .

As I looked at all those thousands of crosses, I thought of the thousands of young lives snuffed out prematurely.  I also thought of the thousands of telegrams that were sent, telegrams that began, “We regret to inform you . . .” 

I pictured thousands of mothers and fathers weeping at the kitchen table, wives mourning and wondering how they would face life alone, children crying because Daddy wasn’t coming home, and friends seeing a future they would never share.

Maybe the best way to honor those killed in battle is do what we can to prevent more lives from being lost.  May they rest in peace, and may we find a way to live in peace.


  1. As the Beatles sang, "Give peace a chance."

  2. To both Linda and Melody–Thanks for your comments.

  3. Beautiful piece Liz. Yes we need to figure out a way to live in peace without it costing us young men and women. Thanks for this thoughtful piece.

  4. I totally agree with you. War is so senseless with so many lives affected. How sad that some people attack and then countries have to protect themselves. If only we could have peace.